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Welcome to STACK, we are a family-owned and operated restaurant since 2012.





At STACK our passion is BBQ. Texas BBQ to be exact. Our smoker/pit built in Mesquite, Texas cooks with no flame only heat and smoke, hence why it's called a Texas smoker. The smoke and heat that it generates through a hardwood fire allows for the meat to get a sweet and SLOW GOOD smoky flavour.


We have learned the art and science of craft BBQ by studying with some of the most incredible pitmasters throughout the US. Their tried-and-true experience and genuine spirit inspire every time we fire up the pit.
Our authentic and meticulous method begins with the best never frozen meat. We season, rub then let the low heat and sweet smoke bring on the unique Texas tenderness and taste. From the pit to table, we take our time, a long time, over 24 hours of patience and passion.
That’s how it all tastes SLOW GOOD.

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